The Body


Thrill Jockey Thrill 506
  • 2LP: Includes download, Gatefold, Poster, black vinyl. Ltd to 500.
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Remixes by Moor Mother, OAA, Peter Rehberg, Moss Of Aura, Lingua Ignota, Andrew Nolan, Sow Discord..

The Body: Remixed

A Curse (Remixed by Moss Of Aura) The Body 4' 23''
Adamah (Rimixed by OAA) The Body 5' 40''
Ten Times A Day Everyday A Stranger (Remixed by Container) The Body 4' 33''
Denial Of The Species (Remixed by Mark Solotroff) The Body 5' 32''
Off Script (Remixed by Moor Mother) The Body 5' 29''
Wanderings (Remixed by Andrew Nolan) The Body 4' 32''
An Urn (Remixed by Sow Discord) The Body 5' 43''
Can Carry No Weight (Remixed by Peter Rehberg) The Body 6' 57''
Western Dub (Remixed by Seth Manchester) The Body 5' 09''
Hallow Hollow (Remixed by Lingua Ignota) The Body 4' 21''

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