Tilahun Gessesse


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Great songs form one of Ethiopia's most beloved singers - TILAHUN GESSESSE (English spelling varies). These recordings span from 1969 to 1975 and cover the range of Tilahun's styles and moods. Some mystical modal songs, some straight up rockers, and some ballads. All totally killer songs from the golden age of Ethiopian Soul Music. Tilahun's voice, alongside Mahmoud Ahmed's, is one of the strongest in the land.

During the 1970s, Tilahun Gessesse enjoyed a successful career in his native Ethiopia. Blessed with a sublime voice, he specialized in creating popular hybrids of hot American styles - most notably soul and jazz - with traditional Ethiopian styles. Sima!, which is named after one of his most revered 7" singles, gather together music from numerous releases throughout the 1970s. It boasts numerous gems that see Gessesse combine his bold, snaking vocals with rocking rhythms, modal jazz mysticism, and heart-aching ballads. Given the standards of recording studios in Ethiopia at the time, much of the material is notably lo-fi, sound wise, but in many ways that enhances the intoxicating feel of the music.

Tilahun Gessesse: Sima!

Yehagere Sheta Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Sema Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Kulun Mankwalesh Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Seqo Menor Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Sethed Seketelat Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Tezalegn Yetentu Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Ras-hen Betcha Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Lantchi Biye Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Yene Mastawesha Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Sew New Yetchekene Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''
Selamtaye Yedres Tilahun Gessesse 2' 00''

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