Timber Timbre

Sincerely, Future Pollution

City Slang SLANG50119LPX
  • LP (Ltd.): Includes download, Heavy Tip-On Gatefold Sleeve with gol foil print, 180 gr clear Vinyl, DL with Bonus Tracks
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Timber Timbre’s music has always traced a shadowed path, using cues of the past to fuse the sound of a distant, haunted now. On its fourth record, Timber Timbre coats the stark, sensual sound of 2014’s album „Hot Dreams“ in an oil-black rainbow of municipal grime. It is the cinema of a dizzying dystopia, rattled by the science fiction of this bluntly nonfictional time. Sincerely, Future Pollution is Timber Timbre’s document of this generation’s degeneration and disarray. With Kirk as narrator, a party to the play, we get caught in the folly of the echo chamber, awed by the contrast of this gothic modern age.

Timber Timbre: Sincerely, Future Pollution

Velvet Gloves Spit Timber Timbre
Grifting Timber Timbre
Skin Tone Timber Timbre
Moment Timber Timbre
Sewer Blues Timber Timbre
Western Questions Timber Timbre
Sincerely Future Pollution Timber Timbre
Bleu Nuit Timber Timbre
Floating Cathedral Timber Timbre

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