Time Attendant

Treacherous Orb EP

More Than Human MTH004
  • EP: Includes download
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More Than Human has unearthed an archival recording from the future by Time Attendant, the London-based audio-visual time sensitive Paul Snowdon. This work features six new soundscapes invoking macrocosmic awe and microscopic terror.

IRIDIUM WATCHER is our slightly anxious guide, wise but weary, opening forbidden portals. We pause briefly at VOIDERS DELIGHT, an utterly alien sonic landscape, before arriving at the disturbing arcane ceremony of THE HEXAPOD STAR SHUFFLE, where our only help is the spoken evocations of poet Dolly Dolly.

LETHARGY QUEST is the beginning of our journey inwards, shrinking down to where ordinary sounds are amplified, contorted, transformed. We behold the TREACHEROUS ORB, approaching with sentient menace, relentlessly probing, pulsating, engulfing. Finally we’re left alone with CLOUD DOWSING, set free into a bacterial world of the sub-atomic.

Time Attendant: Treacherous Orb EP

Iridium Watcher Time Attendant
Voiders Delight Time Attendant
The Hexapod Star Shuffle Time Attendant
Lethargy Quest Time Attendant
Treacherous Orb Time Attendant
Cloud Dowsing Time Attendant

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