Studio Works 1986 - 1988

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The second release of archive material by Tobias Freund.

"In 1985, I started working as a sound engineer in the famed Far Studios of German hit producer legend Frank Farian in Rosbach near Frankfurt, and there had an array of gear at my disposal that not many producers could afford, and know how to use in consequence. In the center a high-end Neve studio desk, but also the finest machines created by mythic brands like Linn, Kurzweil, Publison, or Quantec. Confronted with this considerable amount of opportunities on a daily basis, I soon decided to use what I was surrounded with for my own musical ideas, and started experimenting with it in my spare time. My perception of sounds quickly surpassed what I had known before. The equipment offered me many possibilities to position sounds within a song and I learnt how to compose by filling up all the places in between the speakers. There was not only left and right but near and far as well, and even up and down. My preferred perspective grew to be that of standing in front of the speakers, "looking down" on a song from a slightly higher position. The material was recorded on analogue reel-to-reel audiotape, which I subsequently edited and deconstructed manually with a razor blade, an edit block and a roll of audio splicing tape."

Equipment used: Linn 9000, Kurzweil K 250, Emulator ll, Yamaha DX 7, EMS Vocoder, Publison, Lexicon, Quantec, Eventide, AMS, Studer and Neve

Tobias.: Studio Works 1986 - 1988

Ameisen Tobias. 1' 30''
Vocoder Tobias. 59''
PCM 1 Tobias. 1' 28''
EMU Tobias. 1' 28''
PCM 2 Tobias. 1' 26''
Hund Tobias. 49''
Kalupso Tobias. 1' 29''
Half Speed Tobias. 51''
Beat Tobias. 1' 16''
Kasschmier Tobias. 1' 27''
Sultan Tobias. 1' 28''
Weather Tobias. 1' 27''
Uhh Tobias. 59''

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