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Tom Carter and Loren Connors are a pairing so obvious, it’s a mystery how it took this long to happen. Each has traversed the American underground on their own unique path. Carter co-founded acid-folk improvisers Charalambides in 1991 and Connors has been redefining his singular vision of the blues since the late 1970s.

On this debut non-titled LP, these guitar masters conjure a stunning, and at times labyrinthine, six-string tableau. Carter’s high-contrast spiral melodies sear through Connors’ expanding canvas of blacks and molten reds. It’s a startling and new language of psychedelic and avant blues that is a next step in Carter and Connor’s ongoing exploration of the guitar.

Bradley Buehring's gorgeous black and white photos of Carter/Connors in action adorn the glossy LP jacket and inner sleeve. Vinyl mastering by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering NYC. One-time edition of 528 copies with download coupon.

Tom Carter & Loren Connors: Untitled

Side A Tom Carter & Loren Connors 16' 06''
Side B Tom Carter & Loren Connors 15' 33''

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