Extended Play 1

Negative Days NEG008
  • LP: Includes download, Limited to 500, handstamped sleeve
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Extended Play 1 gathers six new tracks from the diverse and ever changing sound world created by this continually inventive duo that is Tomaga. Encompassing industrial, minimalist, jazz and psychedelic elements and described by one UK journalist as the best soundtrack you've never heard.

Tomaga: Extended Play 1

Bluest Tomaga 8' 44''
Il Colore Della Memoria Tomaga 10' 31''
Rabbits Of The Void Tomaga 6' 37''
Squeek & Chatter Tomaga 5' 04''
Let's Twist Again Tomaga 3' 40''
Lilith Wakes Tomaga 4' 03''

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