Lou Etendue

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Lou Etendue is a deep dive into an electronic swamp, filled with water lilies and poisoned creatures..." Toog
" Lou Etendue " was conceived as a sonic don't know where it's taking you...until the end." Digiki
September 1914: the french poet Guillaume Apollinaire meets a fascinating young woman, Lou, in Nice. Seduced but quickly disappointed, he joins the troops in Nimes and starts to write the wonderful poems that will be collected and named "Poems to Lou", after his death.
September 2001: a few days before his flight to New York, Toog meets Asia Argento. The twin towers collapse. Having to stay in Paris, Toog imagines Lou Etendue, a musical piece in a threatening world, with Asia as the new Lou. He asks Digiki to produce the project.
Toog is a french musician, born in Mulhouse in 1966. His first album, "6633", released in 1999, is a collection of electronic vignettes, often surrealistic. "Easy Toog for Beginners", his second album, released in 2001, develops more sounds and structures. Both albums were released in the USA, Europe and Japan. Toog is an explorer, searching for new territories for contemporary chanson. Toog is also a poet, co-editor of " TO ", a bilingual poetry magazine.
Born in 1980, Digiki is a french sound artist, with a unique sense for re-contextualising sounds. After a series of remixes and collaborations in Europe and Japan, including a tour of Japan in 2003 with Momus, he's currently working on his own album. With influences ranging from hip hop, electronics, to guitar pop and classical, Digiki blurs the line between pop and experimentation, and delivers with " Lou Etendue ", a subtle mix of melodies and sound glitching.
Asia Argento, daughter of "giallo" movie director Dario Argento, is an actress, a model, a photographer, a writer, a painter, a mother and a critically acclaimed film director. Her second movie, " The Heart is deceitful above all things " (2004), is based on JT Leroy's autobiographical memories. The film packs an all-stars cast (Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda, Marylin Manson, and Asia herself). Argento recently lent her inimitable voice for the Trash Palace project and Hector Zazou's last album.

Toog: Lou Etendue

Opening Toog 2' 59''
Ugly Ducklings Toog 4' 51''
L’amour Par Tous Les Temps Toog 3' 19''
Les Belles Endormies Toog 4' 01''
Terroriste Toog 2' 09''
Boite A Musique Toog 2' 42''
A Son Cou Toog 2' 43''
Etendue Toog 2' 21''
Les 9 Portes Toog 3' 35''
Side Love Project Toog 4' 28''

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