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For Scott Hansen’s latest record as Tycho the San Franciscan artist has decided to bring a new element into play - the human voice. While Tycho’s sound has always been rich in melody, fifth LP Weather marks the first time that Hansen has put vocals centre-stage on some of his compositions. Saint Sinner (Hannah Cottrell) takes on the singing duties, and this new addition provides a pleasing variation on Tycho’s vivid brand of electronic indie-pop.

Take, for instance, Weather’s lead single ‘Pink And Blue’. The instrumental here is just the sort of thing people flock to Tycho for - driving bass, colourful harmonies and the faintest whiff of shoegaze in the dreamy production. It stacks up alongside artists like Apparat, Bibio and Bonobo in the way it synthesises organic and acoustic elements to create a highly evocative listening experience. Indeed, it’s such a pleasing sound that it’s no surprise to find that the moments on Weather when Cottrell is absent see Tycho doubling-down on this lush instrumental style.

Tycho: Weather

Easy Tycho 2' 00''
Pink & Blue Tycho 2' 00''
Japan Tycho 2' 00''
Into The Woods Tycho 2' 00''
Skate Tycho 2' 00''
For How Long Tycho 2' 00''
No Stress Tycho 2' 00''
Weather Tycho 2' 00''

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