Vanligt Folk

Palle Bondo

Ideal Recordings IDEAL166EP
  • EP: Ltd. to 300 numbered copies, white vinyl
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Ideal throw a total curveball with Vanligt Folk’s doomdub body music mutations on Palle Bondo, where the Oslo/Gothenburg trio drop their punk leanings in favour of a stark sound lodged somewhere between Mika Vainio, CS + Kreme, Fever Ray, Toresch, and even Autechre.

The origins of the record are a bit cryptic and personal, which perhaps prompted the abrupt switch from their earlier styles to this, a more grown-up and pointed set of songs that vent their worries in a coolly gripping and cryptic style - not least because we can’t translate their Swedish lyrics.

However, it’s not difficult to comprehend their music - a starkly spacious but invitingly introspective sound whose icy exterior is belied by a quietly seething rage against socio-political and medical convention. In the first song, that comes out as a subtly warped take on Scando ambient dub in Kostymfest/Sken Av Palmpsalmighet, whose combo of looming darkside pads, torchlit croon and pendulous snare cracks uncannily recalls a munted Toresch, before Är Du Min Dotters Ängel plumbs a cyberpunk dancehall style somewhere to the shadier side of Fever Ray and Simone Trabucchi’s STILL.

Curiosity is only heightened on the flipside with Nipt/Gensangerin, where the vocals unavoidably conjure direct comparison with Karin Dreijer, but against a mystic synth backdrop redolent of that recent, amazing Laszlo Hortobagyi reissue, then calving off into a sumptuous mid-section of swooping subbass contours, dembow drums and pointillist hooks like something from Equiknoxx, only to finish with a wicked sample of Autechre’s Piezo strapped to gremlin vocals and spectral horror flick sounds on Mer Än Normal.

Vanligt Folk: Palle Bondo

Kostymfest Vanligt Folk 6' 12''
Är Du Min Dotters Ängel Vanligt Folk 4' 23''
NIPT Vanligt Folk 4' 49''
Palles Theme Vanligt Folk 4' 42''
Mer Än Mormal Vanligt Folk 5' 06''

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