Various Artists

La Danza Del Agua

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La Danza del Agua (The Dance of Water) is an eclectic musical journey through Latin American experimentalism - a sort of unofficial companion to the Anthologies of Atypical Portuguese Music volumes but focussing on South American music themes instead. Originally released as two volumes on digital and tape versions on Papaki Records (2017, Argentina), this new concise edition presents 12 of the original 38 artists. Not to be seen as exhaustive document representing the wide styles of the even wider continent, it hopes to showcase some of its more marginal music with artists from a variety of countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia & Venezuela.

As such, this compilation shines a wider light on new and exciting sounds from the vast continent with a wide range of styles such as digital cumbias, sound experimentation, freak folk, noise, exotica, danceable beats and much more, mixed together to give life to the continuing strange world of contemporary South American experimental music.

A logical continuation of our New Weird South American explorations after releasing works from Meridian Brothers, Romperayo, Chupame El Dedo and a tape batch on Sucata sister label featuring Panchasila, Los Siquicos Litoraleños, Bardo Todol, Tomás Tello and more.

Various Artists: La Danza Del Agua

Valle Interandino Tomas Tello 4' 56''
Cumbianchina Wellam 4' 26''
Nadando Joa Joys 2' 28''
Chacbrill Horacio 2' 37''
Amor10 Simón vs Saimon 1' 15''
Aguas M3Y 2' 47''
Canto interandino Manrico Montero 2' 46''
Interludio con Mbira Gil Sanson 2' 47''
La Fuerza Domesticadora de lo Pequeño Pandelindio 4' 04''
Gaoh El Gigante Gustavo Obligado 1' 51''
Los muertos de siempre Ciudad Satélite 3' 36''
Sus José Soberanes 1' 34''

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