Various Artists

Panorama Bar 07 Part 2

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The Panorama Bar mix series strikes back for its 7th installment with club veteran and psych- house maestro Andreas Baumecker aka nd_baumecker.

The mix includes 6 exclusive tracks, that are released here over two 12”s. On Panorama Bar 07 | Part II, Ross From Friends’ “High Energy” delivers from the get-go via driving saturated drums and heady, lo-fi atmospherics, followed by Dave Aju’s lush electronic tropicalia “Wayahed”. The final track belongs to Dutch duo Duplex, who deliver big with “Isolator”, propelled forward by unpredictable claps, snares, open hats and multiple melody lines in a deceptively complex arrangement – made to sound easy.

Various Artists: Panorama Bar 07 Part 2

Ross From Friends - High Energy Various Artists 1' 30''
Dave Aju - Wayahed Various Artists 1' 30''
Duplex - Isolator Various Artists 1' 30''

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