Various Artists

Snapshot: Jazz Now - Jazz aus der DDR

Song Cycle CY992
  • 2LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve
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In August 1979, East German musicians were invited to perform a three-day festival in West Berlin. Billed as “Jazz Now,” this landmark meeting was recorded and initially released by Free Music Production. From stunning duos to challenging small-group performances, from large rave-ups to Mingus nods, Snapshot provides much more than that name suggests. It’s as complete a portrait of jazz in the GDR as you’re ever likely to find, and a moment in time that continues to reverberate — via these sounds — today.

Various Artists: Snapshot: Jazz Now - Jazz aus der DDR

Sieben Viertel Berliner Improvisations Quartett 9' 12''
Nachschlag - Aufgewärmt Gumpert-Sommer-Duo 5' 22''
Jazz Now - Und Später Gumpert-Sommer-Duo 5' 49''
Manchmal Scheint's Als Ob Friedhelm Schönfeld Trio 9' 31''
For C. M. Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band 11' 25''
Wikope A Studio IV 10' 42''
Wikope B Studio IV 3' 51''
Anophelismücke Gumpert-Sommer-Duo & Manfred Hering 10' 23''
Talar + Enfant Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky Quartett 6' 36''
Nummer 3 Hans Rempel Orchester 13' 32''

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