Various Artists

To Catch A Ghost: Field Recordings From Madagascar

Sublime Frequencies SF111LP
  • LP: Incl. two-sided insert
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This is Sublime Frequencies' second volume of transcendent musical field recordings from central and southern Madagascar, produced by CHARLES BROOKS. Like the grand beauty and wonder of its flora and fauna, Madagascar's music is completely unique. Whether the tempos are fast with polyrhythmic precision or slow in the form of a Kabosy ballad, once one gets familiar with its sound, it can never be mistaken again. Charles Brooks has been traveling to Madagascar and living with these spectacular artists for many years and has managed to document countless examples of their work, and regardless of how formal or informal a recording is made, the results always turn out magical. Performers include: Kavoria Lappella, Soa Vinelo Soando, Vonarivo M'Bola, Gilbert Peramena dit Bera, Zara Jean Paul, Randriana Solo, Mahalid Destin,M'Beamdala, Prosper Razafimamdimby, Melina Soulala, Dabaro and Ranasoa Velonjoha. Limited edition LP with two-sided insert featuring images of the artist and highly detailed notes of the recording sessions.

Various Artists: To Catch A Ghost: Field Recordings From Madagascar

Kavoria Lappella, Soa Vinelo Soando (beko) - (beko) Various Artists 3' 37''
Vonarivo M'Bola, Soa Vinelo Soando (jejolave) - Jejolave I (jejolave) Various Artists 1' 30''
Vonarivo M'Bola (lokanga, throat (lokanga, throat breathing) Various Artists 4' 54''
Gilbert Peramena dit Bera (valiha marovany) - Ha (valiha marovany) Various Artists 3' 24''
Zara Jean Paul (jejo voata (jejo voatavo) Various Artists 1' 58''
Soa Vinelo Soando, Kavoria Lappella, Vonarivo M'Bola (lokanga) (lokanga) Various Artists 5' 18''
Randriana Solo, Mahalid Destin (sody) - Manam (sody) Various Artists 2' 42''
M'Beamdala (kabosy) (kabosy) Various Artists 2' 47''
Prosper Razafimamdimby (5-stringed (5-stringed violin) Various Artists 3' 30''
Soa Vinelo Soando, Vonarivo M'Bola (lokanga) - Tsinjake (lokanga) Various Artists 5' 20''
Melina Soulala (beko) - Tsik (beko) Various Artists 2' 18''
Dabaro, Ranasoa Velonjoha (beko) (beko) Various Artists 5' 10''

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