Visionary Hours

Beyond the White

Preserved Sound PS41CD
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"Beyond the White" is an album of collaborations with artists including Bruno Sanfilippo, Richard Youngs, Western Skies Motel, Adrian Lane, Trigg & Gusset, Isnaj Dui and 3+ among others. The album is also characterised by the sound of an old Framus archtop guitar and tape echo.

"I wanted to collaborate with different artists, but still keep some kind of control over the pieces,” says Visionary Hours. “In some cases, I sent the same acoustic guitar piece out to more than one artist, with the idea that two artists would unwittingly collaborate with each other on that particular piece – a blind collaboration, if you like."

"Beyond the White" is Visionary Hours’ fourth album on Preserved Sound.

Visionary Hours: Beyond the White

Rippling River Drifts Blue and Green Visionary Hours 6' 04''
Empty Hills Just after Rain Visionary Hours 3' 39''
Away into Endless Spaces Visionary Hours 5' 21''
Evening Mists Have No Resting Place Visionary Hours 4' 13''
Flowering and Falling Visionary Hours 5' 16''
Where the Wind Sharpens the Goodbye Visionary Hours 4' 02''
Vermillion Through the Hills Visionary Hours 4' 10''
Against the after Glowing Sky Visionary Hours 2' 57''
White Clouds Curl on the Blue Hills Visionary Hours 4' 37''
Hills Empty, No One to Be Seen Visionary Hours 6' 17''

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