Wanda Group

Central Heating

Opal Tapes OPAL075
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The second Wanda Group LP on Opal Tapes see’s camouflage alter from the greyscale negative sludge of the earlier “Piss Fell Out...” LP into a dramatic and more dynamic sound-world. Field recording, stochastic process and tape drag combine with Wanda’s wit and reflectivity on the banal and the life changing aspects of the everyday and the process of the body.

“...moments recurring multiple times or bookending others to form oblique poetic sentences. The results function like a particularly cryptic, labyrinthine mini-mixtape... Johnstone's relationship to the current crop of noise-techno fusionists is only passing; mostly this is an album of weightless moments: delicate washes of electrical hum, amplified grit in the wires, burbling synth clusters and stringently buried melodics. What's remarkable is the pathos that Johnstone wrings from these most microscopic of sonic phenomena.”

Wanda Group: Central Heating

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