Aegrus / Clocked

Mistry Misty002
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Nexx up on Beneath’s excellent Mistry label: Hull-based producer, Webstarr with the technoid hydraulics of ‘Aegrus’ backed with a new Chevel remix. Last spotted in Beneath’s RA. 407 mix, the title tune strikes a mid-ground between tribalised, bass- heavy rufige and insectoid minimal techno - all bashy kicks and depth charge subs crawling with itchy crack bugs.

The dancefloor lizards will come out to play for this. B-side, Italian producer, Chevel (Enclav/ Stroboscopic Artefacts) trims back the drums, leaving acres of icy space around ricocheting snares and hi-hats buoyed up by dread subs in the remix, before Webstarr further embraces the darkside with killer techno pads and devilish reverse drum edits compatible with heavy tribal house or minimalist techno ‘floors on ‘Clocked’.

Webstarr: Aegrus / Clocked

Aegrus Webstarr
Aegrus (Chevel Remix) Webstarr
Clocked Webstarr

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