Diminished Composition

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WILLAMETTE is the project of two brothers DAVIN & KEVIN CHONG joined with JOSEPH YONKER. Diminished Composition marks the third effort from the group. Their 1st LP Echo Park can be considered one of the most gorgeous ambient albums ever recorded easily in tow with albums by Harold Budd, Eno, and William Basinski. Willamette has also scored the film by Charles Lim Yi Yong "All Lines Flow Out".

"Chamber drone caught in perpetually Lynchian state of romantic, dream-fog rapture." — Spin Magazine’s 20 Best Avant Records.

Willamette: Diminished Composition

Inland Empire Willamette
At Length & Death Horse Willamette
Brief Moments Of Longterm Doubt Willamette
Lament Young Willamette
Four Films (Films Four) Willamette
End Of Good Discipline Willamette
Codiene Catnap Willamette
Fresnal Variation (For Jeanne Moreau) Willamette
Diminished Composition Willamette

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