Yuzo Iwata

Daylight Moon

Siltbreeze SB183LP
  • LP: Limited edition of 300 copies
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Daylight Moon is Yuzo Iwata’s first outing since his debut, Drowning In The Sky, got the green light in 1999 on the legendary Org label. While Yuzo’s been living stateside for a couple of decades, his roots, style and fluidity harken back to the Kichijoji Minor days of the late seventies Tokyo underground scene. He also put in some time as a member of Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz early on and there’s no one else in Philadelphia who can make that claim. His pedigree is legit. As is his playing. For fans of Kousokuya and Hallelujahs especially and PSF and Org label output overall.

Yuzo Iwata: Daylight Moon

Ocean Yuzo Iwata 1' 23''
Gigolo Yuzo Iwata 6' 41''
Border Yuzo Iwata 9' 12''
Up on a Dragonfly Yuzo Iwata 2' 36''
Drone Beetle Yuzo Iwata 4' 32''
Daylight Moon Yuzo Iwata 1' 33''
Daylight Moon II Yuzo Iwata 6' 28''
Snow in the City Yuzo Iwata 1' 30''
Goodnight,Daylight Moon Yuzo Iwata 6' 51''

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