Zombies Under Stress


Mannequin Records MNQ086
  • EP: Ltd. to 300 copies
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Mannequin Records release a 12" by the Dutch Industrial band Zombies Under Stress. Started in 1984 as an industrial/electronic one-man project, lately expanding as a 7 persons multimedia collective, the band mainteined always during their career a pure industrial approach, through the use of analog synthesizers, microphones, effects and distorted acoustic sounds. This EP contins tracks from 1985/ 1986.

Zombies Under Stress: Stalin

Stalin Zombies Under Stress 5' 22''
Stalin (Seven-sisters-of-putin-remix) Zombies Under Stress 4' 14''
Message Zombies Under Stress 3' 27''
Liberation Zombies Under Stress 6' 20''

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