:$oviet:France: / Norsch

Vinyl On Demand VOD155.2
  • LP: 180 gram Vinyl, numbered edition of 300
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Individual LP from Vinyl On Demand's boxset, Chasse Recordings 1982-87. Zoviet France was originally released in 1982 and Norsch was originally released in 1983.

:zoviet*france: is an idiosyncratic group of anonymous music makers, gatherers of sound, and fabricators of unknown music. For nearly 40 years, they have explored and reported back from the liminal areas of music and composition, walking the margins where little is easily located and consensus reality melds with the hypnagogic and half-heard.

Having wilfully obscured themselves in Newcastle upon Tyne since their inception in 1980, :zoviet*france: has developed a radical relationship with cheap technologies, homemade acoustic instruments, primitive looping and sampling techniques, and basic dub trickery from which the group has crafted a distinctly unique vocabulary of sonic hypnosis.

Just as the group’s sound has alchemically reconfigured inexpensive technologies, the packaging of their releases has avoided standard formats with aluminium, steel, wood and porcelain among the materials that have been bent and cut to shape instead.

Members of :zoviet*france during the exciting early years were Ben Ponton, Robin Storey, Peter Jensen, Paolo Di Paolo and Lisa Hale.

All originally 12 Releases re-mastered by Sam Grant and manufactured with Direct Metal Master Cut and pressed on 180 gram Vinyl

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