Artists — F.S.Blumm

November 2004
34 years ago, F.S. Blumm was born as Frank Schültge in the city of Bremen, Northern Germany. As a child, one of his older brother's AC/DC records impressed him so much, he begged his parents for his own guitar immediately. But he only got a recorder. After another long year of waiting and more begging, he finally got his guitar including training. In spite of (or maybe even because of) his classical training, Frank developed a taste for noise during those years. In his youthful endeavour for being different, he played in quite a few bands, highly influeneced by acts like Sonic Youth, Melvins, Boredoms and later even Gastr Del Sol. In an interview with German music mag Jazzthetik, F.S. Blumm described the results like this: “We played Bach like hardcore fugues...

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