Artists — Greie Gut Fraktion

It all started in winter 2008 when Antye Greie first invited Gudrun Gut to collaborate on a commision for the BBC's Late Junction. From then on the two artists have combined their creative forces to come up with Baustelle. The initial timbers were laid at Greie's home in Finnland. The tracks then gradually took shape throughout 2009 via an online exchange. And the working partnership was solidified through live performances of the Baustelle material e.g. in Copenhagen, so that the project became concrete reality for both women. The album was produced by Gudrun Gut and Antje Greie in their respective studios in Berlin and Finnland and result has been masterfully mixed by Antye Greie.
Especially in the case of Gudrun Gut one might think that with a subject like „Baustelle“..