Artists — Masha Qrella

Born to a Russian physicist and a German mother who worked as a somnologist, Masha Qrella’s childhood was naturally both laid-back and exciting. It was around the time when Jim O’Rourke started out in Chicago, when Stereolab were busy taking over London, while Mouse on Mars were re-inventing the sound of Düsseldorf that Masha and her trusted companions (among them bass player/engineer Norman Nitzsche) set out to create Berlin’s own version of post rock in a small basement somewhere in mellow Berlin-Pankow. The unique sound of Masha’s band projects, Mina and Contriva, was among the first signals coming from Villa Qrella, as the little studio space was dubbed eventually; and soon enough people started to pick und and fall in love with these signals – even in the UK, soon..