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Karaoke Kalk's head Thorsten Lütz first met young Austrian Richard Eigner back in 2006. That was in Melbourne during the Red Bull Music Academy. They got along with each other instantly and stayed in touch. So much the more Thorsten's looking forward to the release of the experimental musician on his very own label in february 2009. Eigner's >Golden Solitude< is a collaboration with pianist and fellow countryman Roman Gerold. Eigner and Gerold had already worked together on the music for the dance performance >Urgent Appetite< by Canadian choreographer Laura Kappel.
>Golden Solitude< ranges between cheerful dance tunes and highbrow audible music. Very playful, but yet respectful, Ritornell are exploring the aesthetical achievements of the 20th century and experiment casually with..

Ritornell If Nine Was Eight Karaoke Kalk
CD: €13,99
LP: €17,99
incl. instant DL
Ritornell Aquarium Eyes Karaoke Kalk
CD: €9,99
LP: €14,99
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