Artists — Styrofoam

November 2004:
After having misspent his youth fronting several indie guitar bands, Arne van Petegem (Antwerp, Belgium) finally made the right decision and swapped his guitar for a sampler and sequencer to complement the Roland Juno keyboard he already put to startling use in his previous Tin Foil Star guise.
Styrofoam quickly started a meaningful relationship with up-and-coming Berlin label Morr Music and started recording his debut album in the isolated confinements of his home studio. In the meantime Styrofoam also started doing his first live outings, supporting Mira Calix amongst others.
„The Point_Misser“, the Styrofoam debut album on Morr Music, was released early July 2000 to general acclaim. The album was a collection of eight wonderful tracks of moody..