Artists — Urban Homes

Urban Homes started in 2008 in Cologne, Germany as an – almost exclusively – instrumental post-punk outfit, with first live appearances in 2009. The band recorded their first release, a four song demo tape in late 2010 whose tracks already hinted towards an electronic and more experimental musical development. In 2011, the physical drum set was eventually replaced by a drum machine, having a huge impact on the group’s music. Almost four years into their existence, Urban Homes have managed to craft a sound that is exploring the space beyond specific musical categories, embracing electronic music production, pop music vocals and rhythm based song structures in a way that led their rather conventional guitar driven sound to evolve into music of a wider sonic range, reflecting their..

Urban Homes Jams Altin Village & Mine
CD: €14,99
2LP: €22,99
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Urban Homes Centres Altin Village & Mine
CD: €13,99
LP: €14,99
incl. instant DL