• Editions Mego

    Editions Mego is a non-funded independent record label from Vienna, Austria, founded 2006 by Peter Rehberg. Its aims are to maintain the back catalogue and legacy of the legendary experimental Mego label, as well as releasing new works.

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  • Important Records

    The US label Important Records was founded in 2001 by John Brien, Jr. // The character conveyed most often in Important releases isn't style but substance, with a personal and emotional depth that makes the label easy to understand but difficult to explai

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  • Monika Enterprise

    Monika Enterprise, founded in 1997 by Gudrun Gut, is the home of such exceptional artists as Barbara Morgenstern, the Cobra Killer, Chica & The Folder and Masha Qrella. All musicians, assembled on the Monika label, hold a great fascination, because of the

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  • Recital

    Record label Recital, run by Sean McCann.

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  • Students Of Decay

    Students of Decay is a record label based out of Cincinnati, OH. Run by Alex Cobb and active since 2005, the label has published a wide range of ambient/drone/microsound/electronic recordings on a variety of formats.<br /> Sister label Soda Gong started i

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  • TAL

    TAL is a new record label based in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was launched in early 2016 by electronic musician and producer Stefan Schneider. Right at the very beginning TAL will put its focus on productions of contemporary traditional folk music from Kenya

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  • Touch

    Touch was initiated in 1981 by graphic designer Jon Wozencroft and established in 1982, along with Andrew McKenzie (until 1996), Garry Mouat and Panni Charrington, with the assistance of music publisher Mike Harding. Jon Wozencroft and Mike Harding run th

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