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City Centre Offices dedicates itself to releasing electronic pop music. Founded in 1998 in Manchester / UK, the original idea of the label was to release 7"s only, presenting modern, but catchy electronic sounds on a (by then) almost obsolete and forgotten format. Soon enough though, CCO turned into a "proper" label, focusing on long-term relationships with artists from all over the world, releasing mainly full-lengths, both on vinyl and CD. With offices both in Manchester / UK and Berlin / Germany, CCO has released more than 20 albums and over 30 7"s and 12"s over the course of the last few years, embracing all apsects of electronic pop music and branching out into HipHop, postrock and acoustics.
The motto has remained the same though: Let the others experiment, we listen and..

Swod Drei City Centre Offices
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