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Thrill Jockey was founded by Bettina Richards in 1992 and became soon one of the most influential indie labels representing THE Chicago sound. And still today the label is well known for its excellent output in the fields of post- and indie-rock, singer/songwriter, experimental ambient and electronic music.
Thrill Jockey is the musical home for bands and artists like Tortoise, The Sea And Cake, Sam Prekop, Trans Am, The Fiery Furnaces, Bobby Conn, Eleventh Dream Day, Oval, Radian, Mountains, High Places and many others.

Black To Comm Seven Horses For Seven Kings Thrill Jockey
Pre-order CD: €14,99
Pre-order 2LP: €21,99
BEAST Ens Thrill Jockey
CD: €14,99
LP: €18,99
LP (color): €19,99
Sumac Love In Shadow Thrill Jockey
CD: €13,99
2LP: €23,99
Liturgy Aesthethica Thrill Jockey
CD: €8,00 €15,99
2LP: €20,99
Sam Prekop Old Punch Card Thrill Jockey
CD: €8,00 €15,99
LP: €18,99
Wooden Shjips V. Thrill Jockey
LP (color): €18,99
LP: €18,99
Emptyset Skin Thrill Jockey
EP: €11,24 €14,99
White Hills H-P1 Thrill Jockey
2LP: €15,74 €20,99