23rd Underpass

Voices In The Night

Nadanna NADA008LP
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"Voices In The Night" is 23rd Underpass' third full-time length album, and Costas Andriopoulos has not lost a bit of his talent to write classy and catchy yet dark synth pop-infused Italo disco tracks. Again aided by Nadia Vassipoulou, John Britsas and Panos Papapetros on vocals, the album is comprised of eight brand new tracks including smash hits "I Hear Voices In The Night" and "Together Forever", for you to dance on your favourite disco's dancefloor, alone at home or just to dream away on Costas' haunting melodies. The 2CD version adds extended versions of "A Chase", "Come Into My World", "Together Forever", a remix by no other than Italo disco icon Flemming Dalum, plus the whole 2015 album "Faces" while still adding previously unreleased tracks "Re-flexx" and "The End", an instrumental edit of "I Make You Believe" plus a remix of "Faces" by Nine Seconds. Sounds like a real treat, no?!

Beautifully mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios and perfectly illustrated in an original 80s style by Oleg Galay.

23rd Underpass is
Costas Andriopoulos - music, production, recording; lyrics and vocals on A Chase and I Feel Alright

Nadia Vassilopoulou - lyrics for I Hear Voices In The Night, Together Forever and You and I; vocals on Come Into My World, I Feel Alright, Together Forever and You And I
John Britsas - vocals on I Believe
Panos Papapetros - vocals on I Hear Voices In The Night and Together Forever
Giannis Dimoulas - lyrics for Come Into My World and I Believe

23rd Underpass: Voices In The Night

Beautiful Years 23rd Underpass 51''
A Chase 23rd Underpass 48''
You And I 23rd Underpass 1' 01''
I Hear Voices In The Night 23rd Underpass 1' 18''
Come Into My World 23rd Underpass 1' 26''
I Feel Alright 23rd Underpass 1' 13''
I Believe 23rd Underpass 1' 18''
Together Forever 23rd Underpass 2' 11''

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