I Am Life

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A-symmetry is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry. Symmetry is an important property of both physical and abstract systems and it may be displayed in precise terms or in more aesthetic terms. Violations of symmetry therefore present theoretical and experimental puzzles that lead to a deeper understanding of nature. Asymmetries in experimental measurements also provide powerful handles that are often relatively free from background or systematic uncertainties.

"I Am Life" was produced by German producer Antye Greie-Ripatti [AGF] and Georgian producer Natalie Beridze [TBA].

A-Symmetry: I Am Life

Life 1 A-Symmetry 3'38''
Twin Life 4 A-Symmetry 4'50''
Life 5 A-Symmetry 3'37''
I Am Life 10 A-Symmetry 4'06''
Life 3 A-Symmetry 4'28''
11 Lives A-Symmetry 3'50''
Life 12 Mix A-Symmetry 3'24''
Lifeline 2 A-Symmetry 4'42''
Life Lie 8 A-Symmetry 3'10''
Seven Lives A-Symmetry 4'56''
Life 6 A-Symmetry 3'38''
Nein Life A-Symmetry 3'52''
Life-Los A-Symmetry 3'24''

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