Remain Neutral

Unknown Precept PRECEPT 008 EP
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Introducing AIR LQD unsheathing his debut EP following a notable appearance last year with a seven inches on the low-key (but nonetheless excellent) Perfekt Funktion, Ltd. label out of Brussels. Forthright, razor sharp techno tracks running at a neck-breaking pace that will leave you breathless, Remain Neutral is all about the urgency and the purposely crafted indiscipline meant to make you twist your body in every directions. Spoke throughout the feral scratches of overworked drum machines and the whiff distorted vocal samples taken from a tape found by chance, France via Belgium’s Mehdi Kernachi carries on with his exploration of the danger notion in electronic music — borrowing as much to the slower, noisier industrial music of yesteryear as the speeded basement hysteria of rave culture — applying the scorched-earth policy throughout his tracks. There is a term to summarize this, cutting off your nose to spite your face.

AIR LQD: Remain Neutral

Head Expanded AIR LQD 4' 14''
Let’s Talk AIR LQD 4' 46''
Undisciplined Groove AIR LQD 2' 50''
No, Thanks AIR LQD 4' 40''
Remain Neutral AIR LQD 2' 30''

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