Abul Mogard

And We Are Passing Through Silently

Houndstooth HTH108
  • 2LP: 180gr vinyl
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‘And We Are Passing Through Silently’ is the sublime first survey of reworks by cult synthesist, Abul Mogard.

Rounding up divine renderings of songs by Aïsha Devi, Penelope Trappes (The Golden Filter) and nick nicely (heralded by luminaries of the US underground Ariel Pink & John Maus), the album culminates with Brian Eno’s collaboration with Irish avant-folk band Fovea Hex. Also included is Abul’s brand new rework of Becoming Animal’s ‘The Sky Is Ever Falling’ starring vocals from Cinder (This Mortal Coil/Cindytalk) and Massimo Pupillo on bass (Zu/Thurston Moore/Stephen O' Malley), exclusive to the 2LP, CD and digital release. Houndstooth have long been admirers of Abul Mogard’s beautifully stately, romantic melancholia for the best part of this decade.

Leading on from Abul Mogard’s ‘Above All Dreams’ album in 2018, and following veiled live appearances across Europe, ‘And We Are Passing Through Silently’ offers another tantalising window onto one of modern synth music’s rarest spirits.

A must for fans of Alessandro Cortini, Pye Corner Audio, Fennesz, Gas.

Abul Mogard: And We Are Passing Through Silently

Aïsha Devi - O.M.A. (Abul Mogard Remix) Abul Mogard 8' 10''
Penelope Trappes - Carry Me (Abul Mogard Remix) Abul Mogard 12' 34''
Nick Nicely - London South (Abul Moard Remix) Abul Mogard 15' 15''
Becoming Animal - The Sky Is Ever Falling (Abul Mogard Remix) Abul Mogard 14' 03''
Fovea Hex - We Dream All The Dark Away Abul Mogard 20' 58''

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