Acre / Filter Dread


Codes CDS001
  • EP: Initial copies on Steel Grey Vinyl
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Interference is the first joint release from PAN and Visionist’s Lost Codes, which is re-baptized here as PAN sublabel Codes.

Two of Visionist’s key discoveries, Mancunian hybridist Acre and Cambridge’s transplant Filter Dread both cut their teeth on UK soundsystem culture and have appeared on vital outlets like Tectonic and Ramp. The pair’s EP updates 8-bit grime, warehouse rave, and dark bass with hyper-modern sound design and bastard club rhythms. Rather than rely on mimicry, they contort familiar aesthetics, giving rise to the baroque, processional gloom of “Drumz 34? to “Flash Speed”‘s bassbin elasticity and the modem drones of “Trashed” (for the steppers).

The EP is mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, and features artwork by PWR Studio & Bill Kouligas with additional art by Max Shannon.

Acre / Filter Dread: Interference

Drumz 34 Acre / Filter Dread 4' 31''
Flash Speed Acre / Filter Dread 4' 48''
Trashed Acre / Filter Dread 2' 37''
Life Acre / Filter Dread 3' 28''
Unknown Acre / Filter Dread 3' 29''
Blood Artist Acre / Filter Dread 3' 00''

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