Adam McCartney


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Adam McCartney's Oek is a collection of six pieces. The name is a reference to the Tuvan word for "yurt", or quite simply, the idea of "home". The pieces are constructed using very simple material - scales, built from tetrachords and suspensions, blend the intervals of the chromatic field together. This abstract material is tempered, in turn, by the sounds of the instruments.

Matej Bunderla - alto and tenor saxophones
Ivan Trenev - accordion
Adam McCartney - harmonium.

Artwork by Adam McCartney. Executive producer: Slobodan Kajkut.

A1 Oek
A2 ...
A3 Home
B1 Yurt
B2 Dom
B3 Abhaile

Adam McCartney: Oek

excerpts Adam McCartney 4' 13''

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