Adrian Lane

Branches Never Remember

Preserved Sound PS28CD
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Evolving as a reaction to the initially recorded melody of each piece, Branches Never Remember adopts the same symbiotic process Lane uses when painting – layering parts up, cutting them up and moving them around, until the finished result is achieved. Indeed, a painter by profession, Lane often works on music and paintings simultaneously.

Employing a combination of age-old instruments (alto and baritone bowed psalteries, acoustic guitar, violin, banjo, zither, glockenspiel, piano) but constructing the pieces in a way that could only be achieved with modern technology, Branches Never Remember takes influences from Early music, folk, world and contemporary classical, ambient and electronica. Lane thinks of the pieces as a kind of ‘contented melancholy’, although admits that the addition of frame drum, played by Wil Proctor, changes the mood with an almost heroic feel at times. Branches Never Remember is the Adrian Lane’s third album for Preserved Sound.

Adrian Lane: Branches Never Remember

Branches Never Remember Adrian Lane 03' 20''
The Leaves Are Falling Early This Year Adrian Lane 03' 20''
No More Lost Chances Adrian Lane 05' 28''
The High Crooked Blue Adrian Lane 02' 48''
Dawn Of An August Morning Adrian Lane 04' 14''
The Moon Is Up Yet It Is Not Night Adrian Lane 03' 13''
A Clear Stage And No Favour Adrian Lane 05' 20''
To The Sea Adrian Lane 04' 21''
Rewind The Belief Adrian Lane 03' 34''
Making Signals In Shallow Water Adrian Lane 01' 34''
September Sunrise Adrian Lane 03' 07''
Hope Moves Forward Adrian Lane 03' 51''
The Puzzle Begins Adrian Lane 00' 58''
The Discarded Key Adrian Lane 05' 41''

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