Adrian Lane

I Have Promises to Keep

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Inspired by John Cage's prepared piano pieces, all the sounds on Adrian Lane's "I Have Promises to Keep" have been generated in some way by a piano – with some parts being time stretched to create long drones, and others reversed or heavily reverberated. "I put sheets of tin foil inside the piano to give a percussive, almost hi-hat like sound," says Adrian, "and hit the strings with a pen to give an almost hammered dulcimer like sound."

On I Have Promises to Keep, Adrian spontaneously recorded phrases on the piano, before cutting them up and putting them together on the computer. The recording and composing were completed simultaneously. "On a compositional level, each of my albums has a strong sense of melody, while on an emotional level, there’s a sense of calm and melancholy. My work is about layers and how one layer interacts with another."

Adrian Lane: I Have Promises to Keep

As Sand with Salt Adrian Lane 3' 43''
Vantage Point Adrian Lane 4' 48''
Similar Latitudes Adrian Lane 2' 12''
Disembarkation Adrian Lane 2' 42''
The First for Another Day Adrian Lane 4' 01''
Rumour on the Wind Adrian Lane 3' 45''
Some Still Cypress Shade Adrian Lane 3' 12''
Moonset Adrian Lane 4' 07''
To Fulfil the Promise Adrian Lane 4' 30''
We Look for Landmarks Adrian Lane 3' 37''
For When I Return Adrian Lane 4' 07''
This is My Proof Adrian Lane 4' 03''
Close at Hand Adrian Lane 3' 24''
I Have Promises to Keep Adrian Lane 5' 19''

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