Af Ursin

Aura Legato

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Blackest Ever Black presents a new vinyl edition, and the first CD edition, of Af Ursin's 2005 masterpiece Aura Legato.

Af Ursin is the alter ego of Finnish autodidact composer/improviser Timo van Luijk. His work is rooted in the use of acoustic instruments (wind, percussion, strings), but his special sensitivity to the timbral qualities of each instrument, and his deft blurring of them, results in a sound-world that is mysterious, amorphous and hallucinatory, full of suggestive shadows, creaks and whispers.

Van Luijk's process begins always with pure improvisation: music played in an intuitive, sensual way, without the employment of conscious technique.

He performs and overdubs each instrumental component himself, and out of this process micro-structures and loose arrangements emerge: the piece becomes an improvised composition.

Aura Legato is one of van Luijk's darker and more acutely psychedelic offerings: a work of profound interiority, but one that also conjures images of old Europe and fin-de-siècle decadence - dabblings in Thelema, the fog of the opium-den - and has earned comparisons to Third Ear Band, Nurse With Wound, Mirror and HNAS.

Fully remastered and housed in die-cut sleeve with gold detailing and individually hand-glued labels.

Af Ursin: Aura Legato

Rêverie en mineur Af Ursin 1' 49''
Capsule détachée Af Ursin 15' 17''
Tableau fluide Af Ursin 13' 08''
Aphanes Af Ursin 6' 54''

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