• EP: Hand-stamped disco sleeve
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River Rapid is the new label from acclaimed DJ Eclair Fifi. Known for her tastemaking dj sets steeped in upcoming exclusives and unknown rarities as well as her essential monthly radio show on NTS it seemed only right that she should start her own imprint.

The first release features 4 brand new tracks by Afrodeutsche AKA Henrietta Smith-Rolla . Building on the sound established on her 2018 Debut “Break What You Make” on the legendary SKAM label - these raw hardware driven tracks evoke classic Rephlex in the same breath as Underground Resistance. Respectful to the originators whilst keeping an eye firmly on the future.

Afrodeutsche: RR001 EP

I Know Not What I Do Afrodeutsche 2' 00''
Make The Call Afrodeutsche 2' 00''
Drink Afrodeutsche 2' 00''
Phase Two Afrodeutsche 2' 00''

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