Air Max '97


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Rugged and lustrous, Nacre is Air Max ‘97’s first full-length release. Written between Melbourne and Berlin and mixed in Mexico City, the album bears traces of fleeting yet profound geographic and emotional immersions. Air Max ‘97’s signature baroque momentum is suffused anew with pungent and labile tonal atmospheres, through which organic sonic events and incomprehensibly abstracted vocals wreathe. The record’s disposition spans the darkly playful arpeggios of Veneer to the dirge-like Kermes and paranoiac Karyon. Fiendishly twisting tracks are interspersed with more tender moments such as Queriensteiger, Nacre and Gousse (formerly released on Stoscha’s 2017 Klink compilation). The totality is uncompromising and affective, yielding a broader spectrum of Air Max ‘97 sonics than ever before.

Air Max '97: Nacre

Profanations Air Max '97 2' 00''
Mirrored Gate Air Max '97 2' 00''
Veneer Air Max '97 2' 00''
Quereinsteiger Air Max '97 1' 03''
Nacre Air Max '97 2' 00''
IP68 Air Max '97 1' 19''
Karyon Air Max '97 2' 00''
Gousse Air Max '97 2' 00''
Kermes Air Max '97 2' 00''
Serac Air Max '97 2' 00''

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