• EP: Orange Vinyl
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’S.L.F.’ sees exogenous pop alchemist Aïsha Devi expand on the experiments into metaphysics and rave music found in her acclaimed 2018 album ‘DNA Feelings’. Defining a contemporary ritual practice through binaural, healing frequencies and club impact, she coalesces the sacred and the virtual, the subliminal and the cognitive in a syncretic vision.

Aïsha Devi crystalizes her approach in a mesh of trap, trance and computer music woven with sonic references in flux between metal sub-terrain and ambient dimensions. Dreampop drift and drill rhythms signify an existence in omni-realities in ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is’, while ‘Two Serpents’ and ‘The Uupar-Theory’ entwine trance and doom to antigravitational effect.

Media theorist and Rhythm-analyst DeForrest Brown Jr. voices a foreboding counter to Aïsha’s operatics in ’Teta 7hz (Tool)’, and ‘The Favour of Fire’ embodies the EP’s core concept in shapeshifting aesthetic and aetherave-ready sensuality. ’S.L.F.’ is an illuminated hijacking of collective hypnosis, an encoded rallying signal.

Aïsha Devi: S.L.F.

I'm not always where my body is Aisha Devi 45''
Uupar Theory Aisha Devi 45''
Two Serpents Aisha Devi 45''
Teta 7hz Aisha Devi 45''
The Favor Of Fire Aisha Devi 45''

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