Akasha System

Echo Earth

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Long-dawning long-player by Pacific Northwest producer Hunter P. Thompson aka Akasha System spins a suite of remote outpost rhythms and old-growth electronics variously inspired by “days and nights spent in the forests,” “long stretches of back road trails,” and “sitting alone under moss-covered trees.” It’s club music for misty mornings, towering redwood canopies, and overcast skies above uninhabited terrain: Echo Earth.

Recorded across the fall of 2018 at Thompson’s lava-lit Portland home studio, the album’s eight tracks trace cyclical arcs and seasonal tides, churning and yearning, meditative motion patterns flickering like holograms projected in the rain. Following key appearances on Elestial Sound, Neo Violence, and New Information, Echo Earth embodies all Akasha’s most evocative and elusive sonic strategies in a nuanced naturalist landscape of rust and radar, information and isolation, wires woven like roots beneath ferns.

Akasha System: Echo Earth

Sunbreather Akasha System 6' 01''
Hawk Country Akasha System 5' 11''
Rain Theme Akasha System 5' 40''
Warped Shadow Akasha System 5' 33''
Spirits of the Lake Akasha System 5' 51''
Meadow Walk Akasha System 4' 04''
Sunken Relics Akasha System 5' 07''
Echo Earth Akasha System 5' 22''

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