Akiko Yano

Japanese Girl

  • LP: Includes download, Obi Strip, Tip-On, 4 page insert
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Wewantsounds is pursuing its ambitious Akiko Yano reissue program with the release of "Japanese Girl", her landmark debut album from 1976. Backed by Little Feat with Lowell George and by the cream of Japanese musicians (including Haruomi Hosono), Japanese Girl is one of the most important Japanese albums of the 70s, mixing pop, rock, Japanese folk together with Little Feat's superb classic sound. This is the very first time the album is released internationally.

Akiko Yano: Japanese Girl

Sayonara Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Kuna Akiko Yano 2' 00''
Telephone Line Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Tsugary Tour Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Funamachi-Uta (part 2) Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Oinaru Shiino-ki Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Hekoriputaa Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Fuuta Akiko Yano 1' 51''
Oka Wo Koete Akiko Yano 2' 01''
Funamachi-Uta (part 1) Akiko Yano 2' 01''

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