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Alejandro Morse is Edgar Medina’s latest ambient/drone project. Founding artist and collaborator at Umor Rex, he published his first full albums as Alejandro Morse – Landscape Memories (2006) and Obelisks (2007) – on the label. Medina is also known as Transistor – his dancefloor-oriented music.

His album Liminal was developed through a 2-year process involving recordings from several disparate places in Mexico, USA and Switzerland. Field recordings are painstakingly processed to be used as layering, which in an emotionally and touching way are entangled among arrangements emanated by digital synthesis. He applies intricate sound processing to the interwoven elements adding complexity to the listener experience.

Liminal zones and their temporal dimensions are the creative input for this album, in which each zone is related to sudden events, since death has knocked in Edgar’s life lately. There is an ominous space between moving on and drowning in. In a liminal space, the individual experiences revelations of sacred knowledge, such as giving birth, ecstasy, enlightenment, orgasm, epiphanies and death. So, hopefully these works will have served as a digital monument and sonic exegesis for those going through a liminal zone. May these sound-wanderings let them move on into new and more complex dimensions and meaningful experiences.

Written, Produced and Processed by Edgar Medina aka Alejandro Morse. Artwork by Daniel Castrejón, Photos by Diego Berruecos.

Alejandro Morse: Liminal

The Room Alejandro Morse 8' 09''
Farewell Twilight Bird Alejandro Morse 7' 38''
Empty Cage Alejandro Morse 6' 10''
Liminal Alejandro Morse 6' 41''
Erdkinder Brotherhood Alejandro Morse 7' 44''
Clear(ish) Light (Tube Noise Rework) Alejandro Morse 7' 12''

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