Alex Crispin

Open Submission

Constellation Tatsu PURR 0090
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Glittering, glowing, hand-tooled indie new age music from high realms. UK composer Alex Crispin’s solo album is assured and sophisticated, effortlessly morphing through different melodic shapes and ever-hovering clouds of beautiful chords. Recorded & Produced by Alex Crispin: Oberheim Matrix-1000, Pipe Organ*, Rhodes Piano, Casio 1000p, Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Akai AX60.

Alex Crispin: Open Submission

Open Submission Alex Crispin
Ohko Alex Crispin
Pharoah Alex Crispin
Rosewater Alex Crispin
Cleater Alex Crispin
St. Stephens Alex Crispin

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