Alex Smoke, Maarten Vos


Oxmose OXE002EP
  • EP: Ltd. edition, 180 gram vinyl
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"Coypu", a collaborative project by Alex Smoke & Maarten Vos marks the second release of Oxmose catalogue. The EP is comprised of four electro-acoustic pieces of a subtly beautiful execution, governed by the contrast between the bright and the obscure.

Coypu reveals a sound odyssey that is transposing from darkened electronic vibrancies to hypnotic neo classical patterns.
The EP is discreetly touching hidden dissonant atmospheres, nostalgic tones of cello, while also unveiling vibrant electronic resonances and grotesque texture distractions. An intriguing soundscape - electronics by Alex Smoke, cello & electronics by Maarten Vos.

"Coypu" is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker from Dubplates & Mastering Berlin, cover artwork by Marcel Rusu.

Alex Smoke, Maarten Vos: Coypu

I Alex Smoke, Maarten Vos 5' 24''
II Alex Smoke, Maarten Vos 4' 37''
III Alex Smoke, Maarten Vos 5' 47''
IV Alex Smoke, Maarten Vos 5' 45''

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