Alice Cohen

Into The Grey Salons

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Into The Grey Salons is the fifth solo release from singer/musician ALICE COHEN. The album features cosmic R&B-tinged dance tunes and soulful gospel-flavored ballads, with experimental synth interludes interspersed throughout the LP. Into The Grey Salons was inspired by a historic department store from Cohen’s youth during the glitter rock heyday when David Bowie was recording Young Americans at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. The “Sigma Kids”—young fans sporting Bowie haircuts—would line up to buy concert tickets at the grand ornate building, while the gothic pipe organ played inside. Out on the streets, the iconic “Sound of Philadelphia” was everywhere. The “haunted department store” is a symbolic space—where desire and commerce intersect, and identities are performed in the reflections of dressing room mirrors. Recorded at home in Brooklyn over the course of two years—all instruments were played by Alice Cohen, with additional drumming by BRYAN UJUETA of MR. TWINS SISTER, and additional vocals by AUTRE NE VEUT.

Alice Cohen has been active since the late '70s, when her song “Save the Best for Last” was released on Chrysalis Records. She wrote the dance hit “Deetour” (Atlantic Records) which was recorded and released by disco diva Karen Young in 1982, and is still a DJ dance-floor favorite. In the '80s, Cohen was lead singer of New Wave synth-pop group the VELS (Polygram/Mercury Records) who were featured regularly in the early days of MTV, and in the '90s she was singer/bassist in grunge band DIE MONSTER DIE (Roadrunner Records). She has an extensive history of touring and recording with numerous indie bands, prior to her current focus as a solo artist. Cohen also performs and records with DFA recording artist Delia Gonzalez.

"Listeners new to Alice Cohen’s work might hear the slinky synths and programmed pads of “Backwards” and assume the song is influenced by the darker side of disco’s heyday. But Cohen’s music isn’t a nostalgia act - at least not in the way you’d think. Though she’s flown under the radar for most of her career, Cohen has been crafting lucid pop songs for nearly four decades. Cohen isn’t mining the past for inspiration, but refining a sound she helped create. “Backwards” is a touch kitschy, with an aesthetic that combines Glass Candy’s fog-machined chic with cosmic imagery." Pitchfork

Alice Cohen: Into The Grey Salons

Backwards Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Looking Glass Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Deeper Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Monorail Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Chinese Wash Alice Cohen 00' 00''
The Apothecary Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Twilight Fades Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Carnival Ride Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Elevator Dream Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Fantasy Alice Cohen 00' 00''
The Grey Salons Alice Cohen 00' 00''
Organ Grand Finale Alice Cohen 00' 00''

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