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Earlier this year, Micha Acher and his band The Notwist returned with their latest full-length “Close To The Glass” and received rave reviews around the globe. Yet, it’s not the only album he’s going to release this year, since Acher’s about to introduce his latest musical entity – the Alien Ensemble.
Alien Ensemble is comprised of bandleader Micha Acher (Trumpet; Indian Harmonium), who is joined by The Notwist’s Karl-Ivar Refseth (Vibraphone) and Andi Haberl (Drums), as well as Mathias Götz (Trombone; Harmonium), Stefan Schreiber (Bass Clarinet; Saxophone) Oliver Roth (Alto flute) and Benni Schäfer (Bass) ,all of them long-time friends and frequent collaborators of Acher’s over the years.
Unsurprisingly, the chemistry of this group and how they interact is quite unique: Alien Ensemble is a group of friends with a common goal – they want to explore sonic territory, break new ground, and ultimately create their own musical language. It’s an all-acoustic line-up, devoid of electronic enhancements. And even though all members have a background in jazz, this is no classic “jazz music” either – there’s simply no need to show off technical skills…
Since you’ll hear anything from Minimal Music to Krautrock influences, from delicate brass sections to the sound of New Orleans, it’s pretty much impossible to pigeonhole Alien Ensemble’s sound or slap a genre term on it. What’s more important: Micha Acher’s compositions, the way he arranges these songs and has these great musicians make them come alive, is certainly unique in Germany’s musical landscape. Always willing to think outside the box, Alien Ensemble’s music ultimately serves as a reminder that you need to get rid of pigeonholes and stereotypes if you want to create true art.

Alien Ensemble: Alien Ensemble

Alien Circle Alien Ensemble 10' 31''
D.A.G.C. Alien Ensemble 6' 57''
1 Alien Ensemble 6' 38''
Thousand Lights District Alien Ensemble 7' 07''
The Prayer Alien Ensemble 1' 02''
Three Doors Part 5 Alien Ensemble 5' 16''
Modest Farewell Alien Ensemble 4' 51''

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