Ambienti Coassiali

Dream Rooms

99Chants 99CHANTS05LP
  • LP: 180g vinyl
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Dream Rooms, the new release from the shadowy Italian project Ambienti Coassiali, is an organic development rising out of the ashes of the surreal synthesised tone poems they released in the late 1980s, developing into cult favorites, spoken of with quiet reverence. Spread out over two sides, Dream Rooms is a immersive listen, ambience that’s frigid but not dark; a cold morning in the valleys. Recorded with a vintage EKO Ranger guitar from the early 1970s, loops extend to infinity, echoing into the distance and melting into themselves, over and over again. There’s not much manipulation, sounds are left alone to slowly evolve and develop organically. Over their 3 decades of creating music, Ambienti Coassiali show that, whether synthesised or organic, they are able to construct complex atmospheres out of the ether, all parts in their place; music for the conscious, and the subconscious.

Ambienti Coassiali: Dream Rooms

Dream Rooms 1 Ambienti Coassiali 1' 30''
Dream Rooms 2 Ambienti Coassiali 1' 31''

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